Blogging with the aid of docker-compose

Much has been said about Docker, but for me the most transformational aspect of it has been for my dev boxes. I’ve been using GitHub Pages for a while but i’ve always resisted testing with jekyll locally - I don’t want to mess around with gem and have it make a mess of a fairly pristine install just so I can blog something. With Docker i’ve finally moved past this: today I added a docker-compose.yml to this repo:

version: '2'
    image: jekyll/jekyll:pages
    command: jekyll serve --drafts --watch -H
      - .:/srv/jekyll
      - "4000:4000"

When I run docker-compose up my checkout is mounted in a docker container and port 4000 is available on to view a preview of my blog. As I edit files jekyll automatically updates itself. I just Ctrl+C when i’m done, and if i want to really clean up then I can finish off with docker-compose down.

And this is with Docker for Mac, running a linux container transparently on an OS X machine. And yes, folder watching is working just as well as on Linux! And port forwarding works just as well too.